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London Dry Gin


A remarkable gin, that is at once simple and complex. Featuring smells and tastes reminiscent of the earthiness of a freshly tilled field, Grandma’s aromatic herb garden, flower meadows and the refreshing aroma of pine forests.  A gin with an unforgettable taste and aromatic range, its exceptional drinkability will captivate you.

31 botanicals soaked over night in locally produced corn alcohol give this gin an incomparably sweet taste. The main botanical, Juniper, is supported in its starring role by a fairly large amount of coriander seeds, which creates the unique and earthy taste that every gin-lover knows and loves.  Freshly harvested, locally sourced flowers, such as poplar buds and acacia, as well as oriental flavours such as cinnamon and cardamom, fresh, wild berries including ashberries and cranberries and exotic extracts from lime and orange peel give our Gin its unique taste.  Fresh mountain water constitutes an equally important ingredient - the only ingredient that is permitted in the production of a Gin of London dry quality. This water, sourced from the majestic Austrian Alps, lowers the ABV to drinking strength after distillation.  

Good to know
ABV: 44%. No filtration or cold stabilization to ensure an exclusive and unforgettable taste experience!!  Drink best drank on ice, with premium tonic or in mixers and cocktails!

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