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Dry Pink Gin


Gin meets raspberry!

Our Bærenman Dry Pink Gin is unique and attractive not only because of its eye-catching bottle and gin colour, but also because of its infusion with sun-ripened raspberries, the taste and smell of which provide a whole new drinking experience.

Ancient Austrian fruit distilling techniques are used to create a raspberry schnapps called Himbeergeist. We have combined the two worlds of Gin and fruits to create something new, our Dry Pink Gin.  A Gin variation that can be enjoyed by all! The ideal summer combination. Ice cold, refreshing and fruity. An outstanding drink nobody should miss! Lower ABV and no sugar added means it’s the perfect summer drink, ideal for those who want to keep their beach bodies.


Our local farmers deliver freshly harvested Austrian raspberries directly to our facility, where we then check them for quality. Only the best sun-ripened berries make it in our potstill, where they are soaked over night in 96% ABV alcohol. This process, called maceration, is where the alcohol extracts the flavour from the berries. The still is then heated up the following day and a gentle single distillation is performed, generating our Himbeergeist (raspberry spirit), which has around 75% ABV. We then blend our Bærenman London Dry Gin with our raspberry spirit, the ratio of which is a secret carefully guarded by our own master distiller. At the end of the process, we add fresh Austrian mountain water to lower the ABV to drinking strength. The result is a new type of spirit, the Bærenman Dry Pink Gin!

Good to know
ABV: 40%. No filtration or cold stabilization to ensure an exclusive and unforgettable taste experience! Drink best drank on ice, with premium tonic or in mixers and cocktails! 

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